Martial Arts with Women's Circles, Kids, Periods and More! with Hollie B

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Hollie Bakerboljkovac is Counsellor and Coach in rural New South Wales. Hollie runs Motion Ninja Academy, a martial arts school combining Natural Movement with stand up combat skills. 

In her work as a Counsellor, she uses relational and somatic based therapy. She works with all ages, both in clinic and in nature (ecotherapy) and educates people for wholebody wellness (beyond counselling). 

She produces a yearly planner that’s in its sixth year of publication, with a cyclical approach to planning, habits and creating a life that sets you free. 

Hollie and Georgia discuss: 

  • Hollie's personal experience as a martial artist 
  • How her experience as a counsellor lead her to develop an anxiety informed martial arts school 
  • Her work as chair of the Braidwood says No to Violence Committee 
  • The prevalence of Domestic Violence 
  • Women’s circles and Martial Arts 
  • Menstruation Health and how to align your cycle to training
  • Martial Arts for ADHD

Thank you so much to Nari for the beautiful song "Shape Me" heard at the beginning and end of this episode. Nari wrote this song about Shape Your Life, a boxing program for self-identified female survivors of violence in Canada. She wrote this song using the words and experiences shared by participants with Cathy Van Ingen. You can find out more about Shape Your Life in my interview with Cathy in Episode 8. You can hear more of Nari's work by going to her Instagram: @narithesaga