#69: Pharrell Shaymar:"I will never become biologically male, but I am a gentleman"

Season #1

Pharrell Shaymar (he/they) AKA "The Pad Technician" Pharrell is a professional boxing coach with over 10 years' experience coaching athletes, amateur boxers, women's self defence programs, and group fitness. Pharrell is an accomplished speaker LGBTQ+ Advocate and community leader. Pharrell uses the prism of boxing through advocacy, breaking down barriers, educational videos and breaking stereo types of trans people in combat sports. His key message is "I will never become biologically male, but I am a gentleman"

***TRIGGER WARNING: Self harm***


Contact Pharrell on instagram: @Pharrell_shaymar


Georgia and Pharrell discuss:

  • How Pharrell got into martial arts
  • Common problems in gyms and how to avoid them
  • How to choose a gym

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Thank you so much to Nari for the beautiful song "Shape Me" heard at the beginning and end of this episode. Nari wrote this song about Shape Your Life, a boxing program for self-identified female survivors of violence in Canada. She wrote this song using the words and experiences shared by participants with Cathy Van Ingen. You can find out more about Shape Your Life in my interview with Cathy in Episode 8. You can hear more of Nari's work by going to her Instagram: @narithesaga