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From Al:

When you learn to become at peace with the outcome, you usually get the outcome you want


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The first class with Alvaro changed my life. He started the women's self defense class by asking us to meditate on why we were there. My mind and body filled with memories of assaults, shame, and rage. Full of bitterness, I thought to myself, "Men taught me fear, so, I will learn to fight." Then, Alvaro said to the class: "You are here because you love yourself so much, that you are willing to fight to protect yourself." In that moment, he helped me reframe my most vulnerable pain into an opportunity to practice self-compassion. 


Alvaro led the class with trauma-sensitive language and consent-focused contact. He closed the training with an emotion-processing practice: "What got brought up for you during the training? How do you feel now?" I had never experienced a class like his before. I trained with him for a few months before I moved towns. Alvaro consistently created a safe environment. He communicated clearly and I learned a lot from him. He was always encouraging and I felt comfortable to try new things. 


Today, I continue to train in self-defense and Jiu Jitsu but have not met another instructor like Alvaro. When other instructors use victim-blaming dialogue and attempt to motivate me with fear of future attacks, I remind myself of why I am really there: I love myself so much, that I am willing to fight to protect myself. I do not need to define my motives, or my future, out of fear of others. Love gives me more strength than fear ever did. 
I cannot emphasize how much goodness has grown in my life since this first class with Alvaro. I would jump at the chance to learn from him again. Even if you are not coming from the space of a survivor, I am confident that you can gain valuable knowledge and experiences from Alvaro's expertise. I absolutely recommend his classes to anyone. 

- Eve Anderson


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